Why Do I Focus On Small Business?

After so many years working in corporate marketing, not only did I want to do something worthwhile for myself, but I also wanted to bring all of the marketing best practices found at large companies to small businesses and help them be more successful. As my clients grow, so does Shepheard Marketing. I felt I could do more, for more people, and affect real, positive change in business.

Many businesses don't know where to start when it comes to developing or executing on a marketing plan. Don't worry, many others are in the same boat. We can figure it out together and get you on track. Marketing strategy from Shepheard Marketing. www.shepheardmarketing.com

Business owners don't always know where to start with marketing. You are in good company. We meet with you, find out what you need and customize a long- or short-term marketing plan that fits your brand and your budget.

Large corporations can afford a fully-staffed marketing department consisting of 6 to 60 marketers, designers, strategists and analysts. Smaller companies - not so much.

Most of the time, the principal or owner is left to figure it out in their non-existent spare time. That is where we come in. We meet with you, find out what you need and customize a long- or short-term marketing plan that fits your brand and your budget.

With experience in many industries varying in shape and size, we've found that certain marketing best practices should always be followed, but services don't have to be expensive.


Kim Shepheard
Founder and CMO

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I started my own consultancy to offer clients whatever they need in terms of marketing, and none of what they don't. Most businesses do not have a full-time marketer on staff, but still need to use best practices to reach the right people at the right time to become customers and get repeat business. I've discovered there is a need among independent businesses for these types of services and advising when it comes to marketing, and they can truly benefit from outside help in this area.

If what you've seen so far resonates with you, the ball is in your court. We look forward to hearing from you! Hire us.


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