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BearDen Consulting

"Kim Shepheard has been an incredible partner. As I have recently launched my business, Kim has been instrumental in helping me navigate entrepreneurship. Not only does Kim provide support, she has been teaching me so I can do things on my own. My logo, website and social presence looks amazing thanks to Kim. Kim is a valued partner and would recommend her to anyone needing a marketer to help you grow your business."

-Clare Huspeni, Principal
BearDen Consulting

SATI mClafferty, J.D.

"Kim is EXCELLENT! I have been working with her for a few months now and am already seeing great results. Since I am a solo attorney, I don't have a big marketing budget. She has been able to work with me and my budget, showing me what I need to do and how to do it. She really knows her stuff! I highly recommend working with Kim Shepheard."

-Sati McLafferty, J.D.


"Kim Shepheard and Shepheard Marketing are a small business dream! As a small business owner, I was so grateful to have Kim's expertise from a marketing standpoint. We, as small business owners, get so bogged down by the details that we have a difficult time keeping up with our day to day necessary duties. Having Shepheard Marketing as a partner; assisting me with the marketing piece of my business was the best decision I have made. Her expert advice and thoughtfulness shined through. I highly recommend Shepheard Marketing to anyone looking for professionalism and guidance in their marketing plan."

-Amy Salley, Owner and Realtor
The Prevail Group

ESH Services, LLC

"Kim is professional, collaborative, experienced and caring. She listens to her clients and provides thoughtful solutions. I will continue to call on her for future marketing needs."

-Shelley Tijerina, Principal
ESH Services, LLC

ESH Services

"Professional, precise, and detail oriented. The best way to describe Shepheard marketing. We have loved working with Kim, and look forward to continuing."

-Ashley Myers, Director of Operations
Monkey Bizness Franchising, Denver, CO


2017 - "Kim came to us with great marketing ideas about our business. She took the time to understand our business model and our customers. Because of this, the ideas and systems she has put in place have perfectly fit our long term vision and culture. Since we have hired Kim, I have almost completely handed over our marketing function to her. There has not been a moment where I have doubted that decision. Kim is a self-starter who is constantly coming to us with new ideas."

2018 - "Kim worked with us for almost a year and really helped bring a level of professionalism to our marketing that we had not previously had. She was both a great marketing and business partner. As a small business, we have different marketing issues than larger companies, and Kim really understood those issues and helped come up with a good overall marketing plan for us."

-Matt Krieger, President
Monkey Bizness Franchising, Denver, CO



"Kim has been a crucial asset for the growth of our small business. She is a nice mix of knowledgeable, talented, fun to work with, and most importantly Kim has been incredibly attentive to our needs. She does a great job of involving all of us in the designed marketing scheme to maximize the potential of what we can offer. I can't say enough good things about our experience with her!"

-Jordan Maynard
Colorado Safety Supply Company

"Wonderful marketing firm! Highly informative and up with today's needs in the world of marketing. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone I know."

-Becky Potts
Colorado Safety Supply Company


"Kim at Shepheard Marketing is great to work with. Not only is she a lovely person, she is quick to understand our marketing goals, and delivers on time and as promised. i can't wait to work with her again on another project."

-Carolyn Riggs, CMP, Impact Architect
Agile Events

The Avery Group insurance and financial services

"Kim and her team have been excellent to work with. She will listen to your concerns and goals and offer up strategic solutions to help you solve and achieve your expectations. I would highly recommend Kim if you are looking for an opportunity to work with someone who will provide personal and dedicicated service to you and your business."

-Britt Benton, President
Avery Group Insurance

the perfect fit

"I loved the one on one attention, Kim not only listened to my needs as a brand new small business she helped put my vision into action. My attention was best spent on building and running my day to day and Kim was able to do all the marketing and get my brand out in the world. Thanks Kim!!"

-Lindsay Miller, Owner
The Perfect Fit