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Your Website IS Your Business Card

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Any new contact or referral will likely do their research online before making any decisions. Viewing your website is typically the first experience a future client will have with your business or brand. We work with you to optimize your web content in such a way that introduces clients to the experience you want them to have when utilizing your product or service. We keep it simple and make sure your products or services are searchable online to your target market. An attractive, responsive, secure and functional website should be specific to what you are offering, and capture interested leads. Tick these boxes, and the right clients will find you.

Tip: The more accurately you describe your services, the more search engines consider it "relevant" content, and the higher your online search rankings climb. More customers will find you this way than through "keyword-stuffing" or "black hat" methods.

Representing Your Brand

Inbound marketing: simply helping customers find you through organic means. Powerful communication from you to your customer while driving them to your website to learn more. Be a resource to your potential customers.

No matter who becomes a customer, they are likely to feel more connected to you if they know a bit about you. Creating and maintaining a blog can achieve this. Being a resource and sharing your expertise shows you are not afraid of putting it out there. When people turn to your knowledge in times of need, they may eventually become a client to see what else you know. Also, if your customer can identify with you, then you have a captive audience. Keep the conversation going as long as the subject matter is relevant.

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Tip: Try to blog regularly, whether weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. Then promote your blog via social media and email. You can promote blogs or any other content more than once!

Start the Conversation

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Social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Whether your main industry medium is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, this is where you will meet your most compatible customers. Initiate the relationship through social. This is the new, and often only, form of "word-of-mouth" advertising. We'll give you guidance on just how to do that. Make it personal, and make it count.

Online marketing through organic sharing of content and social media advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising is digital now. Be part of the conversation that your customers are already having, and start your own.

Tip: We recommend that you get really good at one platform before becoming super active on another. If you are going to play, be prepared to work a little. Engage the way participation is intended on that specific platform.